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Dough To Dollars:

Master Your Bakery Menu Pricing...

...And Turn Your Passion into Profit - One Pastry at a Time!

Thursday, October 26, 2023
12pm CST / 1pm EST

Do you struggle with pricing your menu items, and feel there is something holding you back from building a truly profitable and enjoyable food businesses?

Then please join me for this FREE workshop!

Here's what you'll learn:

The top 4 profit-killing pricing mistakes I see food entrepreneurs making on a regular basis

Why these mistakes are so problematic (even if they seem like "no big deal")

Most to FIX these lethal pricing mistakes, so you can put more money in your pocket every month!

💰If you are working on your menu pricing and increasing your business profits this year, you will not want to miss this workshop!

PS - If you can't join us live...sign up anyway, and I will send you the Replay of the event so you can watch later!

Meet Your Host...

Meg Svec is the co-founder of Spilt Milk Pastry, a successful bakery located in Oak Park, IL that she co-owns with her sister, Molly.

In 2019, Meg founded Bakery Business Academy - an online community for food entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build profitable bakery businesses, with ease!

She has worked with over 5,000 entrepreneurs across the United States & Canada since then to help them launch, grow, and streamline their food businesses - so they can grow their profits & make a bigger impact in their communities.

Meg Svec

Founder & CEO of Bakery Business Academy ... Co-Owner of Spilt Milk Pastry


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